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Old Website re-Design for Hotel, Restaurant, Travel Agency

Has your hotel website gotten old? Does resort, spa website needs a makeover? Are your photos up-to-date? If you haven't touched your travel website in a couple of years, it probably needs a little help.

iMedia Hospitality Conaultancy specializes in re-Designing old websites with new and fresh look n feel and functionality. The redesigns are geared to enable users to view all of a hotel's or travel packages with easier navigation and enhanced conversions.

Benefits of re-Designing your existing hotel, resort, travel website:

  • It has new look n feel
  • With new technology - like mobile phone ready
  • Improve on your ranking with search engines
  • Show your customers you move with the times
  • Get a clean website, easy to find & read information
  • Make sure your website writeup is up-to-date
iMedia web design team have worked with new and existing clients to improve the Search engine optimisation and re-design their hotel, spa, resort websites with a great success.

You can use your 'website makeover' as a way of 'relaunching' your company's online presence. Combine it with an advertising campaign and the power of social media, and you can really make a splash by giving yourself a buzz building, fresh start online.
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